JUNAC provides occupational health services to employers in all states to address the health promotion, health protection and health care needs of working populations as this has been identified as an important component of the public health system. We make a significant contribution to essential governmental initiatives, such as; increasing health equality, improving social cohesion, and reducing sickness absence.

We help to reduce the overall burden of diseases in Nigeria. These services we offer, provides the available knowledge and evidence necessary for the continuous improvement of workplace health management. Our comprehensive workplace health management is a process involving all stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise.

JUNAC aims at empowering them to take control over their own health and their family’s health considering environmental, lifestyle, occupational and social health determinants and quality of health care.

JUNAC prides itself on taking care of considerable socioeconomic interest of all involved stakeholders. We assist enterprises to gain competitive advantage in a well-regulated market by:

  • Protecting human health against health and safety hazards occurring in the work environment.

  • Promoting human health, workplaces for all ages and healthy aging by appropriate work culture, work organization and support to social cohesion.

  • Promoting mental health, healthy life style and preventing major non-communicable diseases using specific workplace health policies and management tools

  • Maintaining work ability thus also employability throughout working life

  • Reducing health care costs caused by employees’ and employers’ injuries, diseases, illnesses and premature retirement resulting from or influenced by occupational, environmental, life style and social health determinants.

  • Using resources effectively and efficiently and protecting the natural environment and creating health supportive environment.

  • Improving societal communication and literacy on health, environment and social cohesion.